S-Press PLUS

The new generation of press fittings for composite pipes.

Withstands the harshest



Ensuring your perfect

pressing result


Simplifying the planning

& installation


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Build on Uponor with
S-Press PLUS – The ONE without compromise
Built on 25 years of experience and with more than 500 million fittings installed. Applicable for drinking water, heating and cooling systems – an innovative solution that delivers top of the line results with permanently tight pipe connections. S-Press PLUS gives you the most out of a set of unique features - Tough, Safe, Easy and Smart.
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Durable and with high corrosion resistance

• Equipped with superior materials and resistant to mechanical stress, it is both durable and corrosion resistant.


• Improved connection between new designed stop ring and fitting body for more load and shock resistance.


• New body design and stainless-steel sleeve for great stability under heavy mechanical forces.


• The new brass alloy for Uponor S-Press PLUS and with more than 20 years proven PPSU material for Uponor S-Press PLUS composite makes the fitting stronger against soft water, as well as low concentrations of calcium and magnesium ions.


• Water tangent material is listed on the positive list of the 4MS; approved material to be in contact with water for human consumption.


• All raw materials used for S-Press PLUS are highly resistant to corrosion.

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Fast and reliable installation with inbuilt leak test

• With indicators and integrated safety checks.


• New sleeve design made of stainless steel ensures the Uponor U-profile jaws can be fixed more precisely than ever. It is impossible to press the fitting in the wrong position


• Fast diameter recognition: even in dark and difficult conditions on the construction site, you will be able to easily and quickly pick the correct fitting dimension; the bright color coding and big dimension numbers on the press indicator are easy to recognize even from far distances; the matching color coding on the pressing jaws tells you which tool to use


• Unique press indicator on the stainless-steel sleeve enables a secure check if pressed or not; the press indicator (foil) is removable as soon as the connection is safe.


• Accurate test safety function: the fitting will leak immediately if it hasn‘t been pressed properly, even at a very low pressure level

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Designed and built to ensure an easy and smooth process

• New digital engineered body design


• Decreased pressure loss up to 60% which ensures optimal flow rate


• Fast 3-step installation speeds up installation because no beveling or calibration is required.


• 100 % backward compatible with existing Uponor components

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Innovative QR code with smart access to information, support and product supplies

Project services:


• Create and save own projects, certificates for pressure test.


• Send certificate to building owner.


• Get answers on important questions.


Product ordering:


• Select products from catalogue;


• Save pdf file and send to dealer and order online.

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Application overview


Review documentation
Product Brochure
Technical datasheet
Installation manual


S-Press PLUS is fully backward compatible
to Uponor multilayer composite pipes and
tools since 2002.
Dimensions from 16 to 32 mm.
DB brass and PPSU
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